• See a spiritual re-awakening, a re-animated church, a restoration of faith, a depth of relationship with God, a new openness to the Holy Spirit embracing new ways of moving forward, a Metanoia, leading to a Spiritual transformation in people’s lives and communities through which a Nation turns back to God to glorify Him.
  • Be an active and co-operative channel for the Holy Spirit to foster a Spirit of unity through which the body of Christ can learn to move with common purpose in the areas of repentance, reconciliation and re-consecration of themselves and their communities to Christ, in accordance with the will of God, in order to form an integral part in the Spiritual preparation of the Bride for her Groom.
  • Be part of the work in redeeming our communities by recognising the stain of past sins that has defiled our land (Leviticus 18:25), caused by past generations, bringing pollution upon our communities. We see the need to participate in acts of identificational repentance/confession in conjunction with the body of Christ, to stand in the gap, in order to spiritually prepare our communities to be re-consecrated to Christ and thus see a Nation turn back to God (Dan 9:4-17, Nehemiah 9:1-3). Identificational confession is something which Pope John Paul II clearly saw as ‘a task for the whole Church to undertake’, to effect what he identified as being the ‘Purification of memory’.
  • See the whole church engaged in a re-awakening of its purpose and mission, to see a radical return to Christ, a spiritual renewal to reform the church and by so doing, to move in obedience and response to the call ‘Rebuild my church!’