Sponsors and supporters


Pope John Paul II embodied in his own person and in his constant teaching, the ideals of listening to the Word, moving in the Spirit, and working ecumenically. For this reason, whilst a variety of different sources will be used to help strengthen our conviction in our Catholic Faith, there will be a strong focus on the teachings and writings of John Paul II. His writings and his life are an inspiration and will provide the Theological framework for the pastoral formation of the groups. In this way we can be confident that our desire to grow in stronger conviction of our Catholic Faith will be founded on authentic Catholic Church teaching. Similarly, as he was so open to the Holy Spirit, his example and teachings should fully support us in the direction of our mission statement.

In order to reflect this, the prayer groups being so formed are to be known as John Paul Prayer Groups (followed by the name of the town or community in which they are based) e.g. John Paul Prayer Group (Dundee).

Fr Jim McManus – Spiritual Director

The Spiritual Director responsible for guiding us in line with the aim of our Mission Statement is Fr Jim McManus CSsR, formerly of St Mary’s Monastery, Kinnoull, Perth and lately Director of the ‘New Evangelisation’ Centre at St Mary’s, Clapham Common, London and he has recently returned to Kinnoull Monastery.

Fr Jim is a well known author having worked in the healing ministry for many years, as well as being one of the best retreat speakers known in our islands. Previously as Director of Courses for the Redemptorist Centre of Spirituality in Perth he has been involved in spiritual renewal work for over 30 years.

Bishop Vincent Logan (Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Dunkeld)

Fr Jim was specifically appointed as our Spiritual Director by Bishop Vincent Logan, Bishop of Dunkeld Diocese. Bishop Vincent had given his written approval and assured us of his personal support.

Fr Mark Cassidy (Spiritual Director to Scots College, Rome)

Fr Mark provided premises for us in his Parish of St Pius X, Dundee, whilst he was Parish Priest, for the St John Paul Prayer Group (Dundee) to meet. We commenced on the 20th Jan 2011. He has since been appointed as Spiritual Director to Scots College in Rome. We continue to have his full support and blessing.

Fr Martin Pletts

Fr Martin was appointed to take over St Pius X as Parish priest and was very encouraging in his support for us to continue operating there. We have his full support and blessing. He has since moved on to St. James Parish, Kinross.

Bishop John Keenan

Previously Chaplain and Parish Priest of Turnbull Hall, Glasgow University. In his capacity as the personal spiritual director to the group leader, he has given his support and blessing for the group leader’s involvement in the formation of these groups.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien

Cardinal O’Brien has also provided his written support and encouragement for our proposed formation stating that he would ‘have no difficulties at all’ with such a group engaging with our Mission Statement and values within his own Diocese subject to the appropriate local permissions being given.

Mgr Martin Drysdale – Vicar General, Dunkeld

Mgr Martin, Vicar General – Dunkeld Diocese, has been very supportive and provided premises for us since inception in Jan 2011 for a second prayer group to meet at St. Fillan’s, Crieff. He has been extremely helpful and accommodating which has allowed this group to grow under his auspices. He has moved on to look after St John’s in Perth.

Fr Tom Shields (Vicar Episcopal for Education)

Fr Tom replaced Canon Martin Drysdale at St Fillan’s, Crieff and as Parish Priest and Vicar Episcopal for Education we operate at St Fillan’s under his auspices and with his full support and cooperation.

Bishop Stephen Robson (Bishop of Dunkeld Diocese)

Appointed Bishop of Dunkeld Diocese Dec 2013, Bishop Stephen has been very supportive and encouraging of our Movement. At the Bishop’s invitation we moved our Dundee venue from St Pius X to St Joseph’s Convent at the Diocesan Institute beside the Bishop’s offices in order to be of more benefit to the whole Diocese.

Fr Neil Gallagher

Fr Neil has been very supportive and encouraging for the commencement of a new Prayer Group which started in Lent 2016 at his Parish of St Columba’s in Kirkton, Dundee.