Spiritual renewal, friendship, prayer and much more

Charis McCrosson Retreat

7th Annual Retreat, Kinnoull Monastery, Perth

7th Annual Retreat, St Mary’s Monastery, Kinnoull, Perth – with Fr Jim McManus

The beautiful surroundings of St Mary’s Monastery and Retreat Centre, Kinnoull, provided the setting for the 7th Annual Retreat Day for the St John Paul II Prayer Movement in November. With almost 60 delegates ranging from children, youth and adults, it proved to be a time of deep spiritual renewal, inspiration and laughter.

The St John Paul II Prayer Movement, is now in its 7th year, founded under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to foster the work of the New Evangelisation that Pope St John Paul spoke about. It is entrusted to reach out to all and help deepen their relationship with Christ and move in greater openness to the Holy Spirit whilst growing in greater knowledge of their faith, understanding of Scripture and its application for their daily lives.

Marian, Spirit-led and Eucharistic in its spirituality, it continues to grow since its inception with a dozen people to form four prayer groups within the Diocese of Dunkeld based at Kirkton, Lawside, Kinross and Crieff. The retreat at Kinnoull, Perth, was attended by members from these various prayer groups across the Diocese, as well as a good number of parishioners from the wider church.

The Movement’s Spiritual Director, Fr Jim McManus on our Spiritual Lifeline ‘The Oxygen of Prayer’ looking at areas such as how to approach prayer, awareness in prayer, coping with the challenges of prayer, such as distractions, dryness in prayer and the constant battle for prayer. The occasion provided insight, practical points and encouragement to persevere in prayer. The day also included Sacraments, prayer ministry, Adoration and fellowship. The delegates departed feeling refreshed, renewed and strengthened in faith and sustained by the graces and knowledge received.

One delegate reported, “The day was summed up with the following written comment received as feedback, ‘Many, many sincere thanks for such a wonderful experience. It was great in all aspects – spiritual renewal, friendship, prayer, support, relaxation, catering, location…”

“The St John Paul II Prayer groups around the Diocese are there to serve those who are spiritually hungry and searching for more. We aim to help all in deepening their relationship with Christ through prayer and Catechesis in growing in better knowledge of our faith and greater understanding of Scripture and its application to our daily lives whilst ministering to people’s needs in order to help all in our journey towards Grace.”

For more information or to find a prayer group near you, contact Chris 07887 606807, chris@stjppm.com or visit their website www.stjppm.com